ICT in Society

Let’s discuss the impact of ICT in society using different aspects.

Green Computing

green computing

The use of computers and other resources eco-friendly is known as green computing. Nowadays, electronic device manufacturers are trying to produce devices that can be used for a long time and trying to make new devices by recycling old devices. And also, people are trying to use their devices as long as they can.

E-waste is one of the significant environmental problems in the present. Green computing can be used as a solution for this. When people are trying to use their electronic devices, it reduces the discard of electronic devices to the environment, and when they are recycling it after the usage, it will be harmless to the environment.

e waste generation
E-waste generation and Recycling 2000-2013

The above chart represents e-waste generation and recycling from 2000 to 2013. You can see the e-waste generation from 2000 to 2010 has been increased, but from 2010 to 2013, e-waste generation has been decreased a little bit. This is the result of green computing. And also, you can see e-waste recycling has been increased from 2000 to 2013 continuously. This is the result of green computing.

Green computing is also used to reduce power wastage. For example, when we use a device that consumes a lot of energy, and many alternative low powers consume devices, it will waste the power. So we have to move to an alternative device and recycle the old device so it will reduce the power usage and it will be no harm to the environment. When the power usage is reduced, it will be good for the environment. So let’s continue this green computing concept in our lives…

ICT in the field of Law enforcement

When we consider Information Communication Technology or ICT, it has been a beneficial thing in the present. Not only in communication but also in the field of law, ICT has a significant role. ICT is used in various ways in the field of law.



When there is a house break by a thief, the police caught them in a few hours with the help of these CCTV cameras (Closed Circuit). Not only that but also when a person murdered someone, the police have to catch that murderer. The murderer may be getting away from the area or even from the country. But that murderer can identify by using CCTV cameras and informing other police stations and other military services to keep an eye on a person like this. And also those video footages which recorded in CCTV camera can be used as evidence in the court.

GPS Systems

gps system

GPS or Global Positioning System is a system that can be used to identify a thing in the area using electronic devices. We also can detect someone routing from this system. This is a beneficial thing in the field of law because they can use GPS systems to detect where the suspects have gone and can be used as a piece of evidence.

Another main advantage of ICT in law enforcement is that police have been able to keep and maintain records about criminals. So it will be accessible to the police. So even when police caught a suspect, they can get to know whether he is a former suspect or a suspect looking for another crime, etc. So ICT has played a significant role in the field of law enforcement.

AR and VR

AR ( Augmented Reality) and VR (Virtual Reality) have been significant technologies introduced to the world.
AR or Augmented Reality is an environment created using a computer, including real-world objects. This is a beneficial technology that can be used in various ways.

AR games

The Pokemon game uses AR technology

The gaming industry is one of the primary industries that use AR technology. Mainly these games are played using mobile devices. Those games are primarily designed to play using the camera of the mobile phone. Most of those games are very popular in the world. Pokemon go, Jurassic world alive, Neyon clash are some examples of them.

In the Snapchat messaging app, the filters given to users are also a type or AR. Users can use these filters and capture incredible pictures of them.

Military and flight training


Soldiers can’t experience war without going to the battlefield, pilots can’t experience how to fly a plane with passengers without flying one. So this is the most incredible solution for this. AR can be used to train them. They are using AR soldiers can experience how to battle on the battlefield without going there. It is the safest and easiest way to train a soldier. And also, the pilot can train how to fly a plane without endangering human lives


ict in society

VR or Virtual Reality is an environment created by a computer program similar to or different from the real world.
There are also VR games created to play. No man’s sky, Half-Life Alyx , Trover Saves the universe are some VR games that can be played on the PlayStation gaming console. And also, many VR games can play on mobile phones. But it needs a VR headset to play these games on the mobile phone.

VR also can be used to train pilots, soldiers, too.

Social issues in ICT and solutions

ICT is being a handy thing for society. As with every industry, there are good and bad raised with time. As we are currently facing Covid-19 lockdowns, technology becomes a vital part of every industry. It helps to provide services without a break. We are truly grateful for that. But there are many social issues related to the ICT field too.

Privacy issues

With the use of technology in today’s society, there are many problems regarding the privacy of individuals. Some people called “Hackers” go into someone’s device without their permission and gather their data and share it. This has been a significant problem because they are sharing someone’s private details and destroy their lives.

Some people are sharing unnecessary information related to an individual or a group of people. These also can be sensitive data. So this is a huge problem for their privacy. So we have to respect others’ privacy and stop doing things like this.


Addiction is one of the major and common issues in ICT. If a person uses a computer or a mobile phone without a limit, it is called addiction. Many children are addicted to video games. It will cause to their studies, and they will fail exams. And also many people addicted to watching television all day. Addiction to such things affects their future life as well as their health. Headaches, dry eyes and vision problems, Carpal tunnel syndrome, obesity due to less exercise are some health issues related to addiction.

So we can get rid of this by time managing. If we manage our time perfectly, we can get rid of addiction to something and make our future success.

Time waste

This is also a major issue in ICT. When someone is addicted to something, he did that thing the whole day. So he is wasting his time doing a useless thing. It will cause to his studies, and he will fail the exam. But we can reduce the waste of time by doing our things by planning. So let’s avoid using ICT to do wrong, useless things and use only them to do good things.

This presentation consists of the digital divide, e-waste management, and job opportunities.

Written by: Thenul (2023 A/L Student)

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