Classify computers according to their nature

Let’s learn how to classify a computer according to its way of appearance and how we use it in our day to day life. We can divide it mainly into two according to its portability as follows.

Non-portable computers

These computers are operated using the main electrical power supply and most of them are large and relatively heavy. But most powerful computers in the world are non-portable.

Server Computer
server computer

A server computer is a special type of computer which provides data to other computers. When we browse websites on the internet we get the data from server computers connected to the internet. There are many types of servers like web servers, mail servers, and file servers. In these computers, special software is installed to do there specific task.

workstation computer

These are specially designed computers for different kinds of applications. These come with large storage capacity and powerful microprocessors with advanced graphic capabilities.

Desktop Computers

This computer is designed for personal use at a single location.

desktop computer
Computers for mobile use

These computers come with rechargeable barriers that allow you to carry here and there. You can use these computers anywhere. The barriers are long lasting about 3-8 hours according to its lifetime.

Laptop Computer
laptop computer
Notebook Computer
notebook computer
smart phones

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