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Our Mission

Teaching is one of the most challenging and complex jobs on the planet. Therefore, our digital resources and learning materials are developed to incorporate with your teaching process and studies. Our mission to constantly update you with the latest ICT materials. They are useful in enhancing your knowledge of Information & Communication Technology subjects.


Teacher of ICT subject (A/L & O/L)

I have been lending my knowledge to the students for more than 7 years in Gampaha District. I am a bachelor of Information Technology at the University of Colombo. The students who attended my lectures have possessed most A passes in the area and our English medium ICT class named the best in the area. We attempt to pay the fullest individual attention to the theoretical and practical knowledge for every student. We conduct workshops and paper discussion classes to improve the knowledge of students. We intend to ensure great success with maximum results.

2021 A/L English Medium ICT Class
Theory | Revision | Paper

Advanced Level ICT Classes

Getting an “A” for A/L ICT subject is difficult task and still less number of students select ICT subject. ICT subject is available for all the streams 

Ordinary Level ICT Classes

Conducting ICT classes at Gampaha, Nittambuwa, Veyangoda and Haggalla
O/L ICT Class HTML Seminar
Grade 10 | Grade 11
ICT Class for Kids Grade 6-7-8-9
Grade 6 | Grade 7 | Grade 8 | Grade 9

Kids ICT Classes

Conducted by Teshani Kumarasinghe

We teach all the practical and theory lessons related to the ICT syllabus and do practicals at the classes. Join with us and let’s make the subject into your hobby…

At Nittambuwa and Haggalla

We believe that students should do more to learn more. Therefore we organize many practical sessions and seminars to enhance the students’ interactivity in the classroom. We conduct a couple of ICT seminars every year targeting G.C.E. O/L, A/L, and GIT examinations.

Our main focus to gather all the ICT subject materials in one place. Our mission to prepare quality lesson notes to each lesson where students and teachers download them and use them during the class sessions. We have included quality scanned copies of past papers, term test papers, and model papers for students. 

We do more than traditional tuition class

Organize couples of events annually with students to enhance their knowledge and have more fun. Annual Trip, Avurudu Festival and Year end tea party is one of the best events among them. Students get chance to move with other students and get to know each other. 

ICT Class Annual Trip

ICT Class Annual Trip

HTML Seminar 2019

HTML Seminar 2019

What our student says?

Sir Dilan Hewage is one of the greatest personalities I've ever seen and probably he is the best ICT teacher for both O/L s and A/Ls. I joined this class when I was in grade 10 as I had many doubts about the ICT subject but sooner it became my favourite subject due to this brilliant teacher.
Testimonial by our student in 2021 A/L ICT Class
2018 O/L
Fortunately, I gathered information about the ICT class which was conducted by Dilan Hewage sir and very reluctantly I joined this class because I was not at all interested in this subject. I followed this class nearly a month and then I realized that I was beginning to love this subject because of the teacher and his skills in teaching.
Testimonial by our student in 2022 A/L ICT Class
2022 A/L
The best IT class ever. Dilan sir made me realize that IT is a fun subject.I used to cram IT the day before the exams but after going to sirs classes I realized that IT is so much more than just a subject.Sir is the main reason I got an A pass for IT in the O/L's.
Testimonial by our student in 2021 A/L ICT Class
2018 O/L