O/L ICT Past Papers

ICT Past Paper with Marking Scheme both in Sinhala and English Medium

Select and click on the year to download O/L ICT past papers for both English and Sinhala mediums. For each year following parts are included.

  • Part 1 (MCQ Paper)
  • Part 2 Paper (Structured Essay and Essay)
  • ICT marking scheme 

Our main focus brings you all the high-quality downloadable materials in one place where you can get them all clearly with a couple of seconds. You can find all the ICT past papers in the section above. We have included marking schemes for your reference. But make sure to complete the paper before going through the answer sheets. Select the latest papers while you practice the past papers as older papers might contain out of date questions. 

In your ICT syllabus, you have both theory and practical lessons. Practical lessons are more interesting and it is important to practice the lessons to remember them. The software lessons and programming languages need more practice to catch the correct theory parts. If you practice more, then you learn more. Even if you don’t have a mobile phone or laptop there are many IDEs are available. 

Note: As you study with the fast-changing industry, the latest papers also contain some doubtful parts. We request you to follow the syllabus, teacher guide, and other recommended study guide. Do not wait until the last moment to practice the ICT past papers and practice them after finish the lessons at your school or class. That method will help you to understand the unclear parts before the last moment. Because getting an ‘A’ pass for ICT subject is not that difficult if you are on the right track at the beginning.

You can find model papers that were prepared for O/L and A/L examinations by the education ministry and provincial education departments. We have a good collection of school term test papers from grade 6 to grade 13 including GIT papers. We believe all these materials will help teachers and students to continue their learning process with easy access to all the resources quickly. If you are willing to contribute to ictnotes.org please contact us. We warmly welcome all your suggestions for the improvement of the website. Feel free to drop us a message. We are happy to hear from you. 

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