Applications of ICT in the Agriculture Field

Applications of ICT in the Agriculture Field

“Agriculture is the foundation of manufacturers since the productions of nature are the materials of art.” Unknown According to that, agriculture is the backbone of the Sri Lankan economy, and it is continually evolving due to technological advancements. Because of the continuous improvement of information and communication technology (ICT) worldwide, each organization or individual must …

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ICT in Society

Let’s discuss the impact of ICT in society using different aspects. Green Computing The use of computers and other resources eco-friendly is known as green computing. Nowadays, electronic device manufacturers are trying to produce devices that can be used for a long time and trying to make new devices by recycling old devices. And also, …

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Computer Networks

Do you believe that you may not be reading this article if computer network technologies exist in the world? Probably you are using your internet connection to load this web page or any other page on the internet. The internet is created by connecting millions of networks. Therefore computer networks play a crucial part in …

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Learn Programming for Grade 9

Programming Grade 9 Let’s learn programming concepts and Scratch practicals and master them. In this article you can learn the basic control structures on flow charts and learn how to build a Scratch code for a given flow chart with selection and repetition. Here I have discussed about the following topics in your programming grade …

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