Basic Components of Computer

The basic functions of a computer are entering data, processing them and producing processed data.

kids using computer
Functions of computer

Lets learn what are the functions of the computer

Note: There are a lot of high-end computers in the market. But you should not worry about them. Because we should buy a computer which satisfies our current requirements. You can get a better idea of it from your IT teacher.

Let’s learn how to classify a computer according to its way of appearance and how we use it in our day to day life. We can divide it mainly into two according to its portability as follows.

workstation computer

Graphic designing

A server computer is a special type of computer which provides data to other computers. When we browse websites on the internet we get the data from server computers connected to the internet. There are many types of servers like web servers, mail servers, and file servers. In these computers, special software is installed to do there specific task.


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