2020 A/L School Application Form

The latest news on the 2020 A/L school application process. The education ministry has announced the online application form for A/L students who are willing to go to a new school. With this process, one student can apply for 10 schools. There will be an online application for 2020 A/L students 2020-05-12 onwards. The closing date is 2020-06-12. We will give you more updates soon. 


  1. Select “Application Form for GCE (O / L) Examination 2019 Students” (Red Color Box) for load application
  2. Add valid index number and birthday for login to the application form. (Make sure not to add any space or invalid character) 
  3. Check your details
  4. Fill the details using English, Sinhala or Tamil
  5. For typing Sinhala you can use GKeyboard or Helakuru Keyboard (Both supports Unicode). 
  6. When selecting school first select Province and then select educational zone of the school
  7. Only after selecting province and zone, the school list loads to the drop-down box. 
  8. Make sure to remember the reference number that you get after submitting the form.
  9. You need to submit separate applications for each school and one can apply up to 10 schools.
  10. Then closing date for the applications is 2020-06-12 

You can get more idea about the process by watching the following video. 

Government notice: 2020 A/L School Application
2020 A/L School Application​

Due to the Covid-19 outbreak in Sri Lanka, the education ministry has decided to introduce an online mechanism to apply. Recently the schools are published their own application forms and we are waiting for how this will happen with the new process. We have updated the news page with the latest school application forms for the last few days.

We will provide you update and detailed description on our YouTube channel

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    1. It depends on the school. Actually there is no problem with doing biology or any stream if you have passed O/L. But some schools have conditions for selecting different streams. I can’t surely tell you about it. It’s better if you can check with your school teacher.

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