Hardware Security Issues

hardware security issues

Any tangible component in a computer is called as computer hardware. There are many hardware components like monitor, keyboard, mouse which we can easily find when we use a computer. But there are more components inside the system unit such as RAM, hard disk, cooling fan, DVD drive, motherboard, CPU and power supply.


While using this computer hardware in your home or computer lab you may face different types of problems. Sometimes they may not work properly and even may not switch on. We can find many reasons for these physical damages to hardware devices.

Sudden power loss/failure

The loss of electricity for a computer many cause loss of temporary storage on your computer. Simply you may lose unsaved work and files. We can not recover them and some times the data may corrupt due to sudden power failure. If this occurred usually it may harmful to your computer and other peripheral devices.

A sudden flow of high voltage current

Normally computers and other electronic devices are designed to operate in a specific voltage. But sudden severe voltage surge can be damaged your computer and other electric devices in your home. Lighting can be caused by these severe voltage surges.

Overheat inside the system unit and dust gathering

dusty computer

Picture of dusty computer. Huge layer of dust on the fans. Therefore fans may not work properly to reduce the heat of the computer.

System units and other peripherals can be overheated while those are not located properly. That is normal that computer generates significance heat. Therefore the heat needs to be spread out properly. If the devices are covered then the heat will remain and can cause damages to them. And also when the dust is cover up the ventilation system the heat won’t go outside. So we should clean all the components and inside the system unit.

There are cooling fans inside the system unit. A huge amount of dust is placed inside them. Therefore we should clean them very carefully. It’s better to place your computer in a clean place and always make sure to clean surround as well.

Issues related to theft

As with everything your computer and other peripherals may be stolen by theft. Then we get financial and security threats due to that. Because we already spent money to buy the computer and then again we will have to spend the same or more. There is another security problem issue if there you stored your sensitive details inside the computer like bank account details, photos, and medical details. If you did not set a password to your computer then theft may easily get access to all the details and they might harm your reputation as well.

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