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Government university courses in Sri Lanka for Al students 1

6 Tips to select Government university courses in Sri Lanka

When you complete your Advanced Level examination and the results are out, you are eligible to apply for government university courses in Sri Lanka for free. We felt most students do not adequately understand the available courses in Sri Lanka and their benefits. Due to this, sometimes they end up wasting 2-3 years. Therefore, today

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Government university courses in Sri Lanka

How to select a government university courses?

Congratulations on your hard work towards the Advanced Level examination! Let us learn how to select a course correctly and increase the chance of selecting government university courses. Usually, you can apply for 50 courses in the application, and it’s crucial to apply for all the relevant courses by checking the minimum qualifications. Because there

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G.C.E. AL 2022 – Student Registration (Private)

G.C.E. AL 2022 Student Registration (Private)

Instructions to complete and submit the application are published in the official website of the Department of Examinations ( or in the online examination website ( ) or in the official mobile app (“DoE” mobile app).

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Grade 8 Logic Gate

Download Grade 8 Logic Gate Unit Test Paper

Grade 8 Logic Gate lesson question paper for students to practice AND, OR and NOT gates. We recommend students to download the following unit test papers and practice within the given spaces. There are questions with two inputs, three inputs and four inputs.  Download Paper

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Practicing papers before the exams are a well-known method for success in the examinations. So we invite you to download freely available papers and notes to enhance your subject knowledge. We have added ICT papers last 10 year including marking schemes. We have a good collection of term test papers.

We have come up with ICTNotes website where we have seen many websites provide papers without in an order. Therefore students and teachers are facing difficulties while searching them on the site. Our concept is fresh and easy. You can find and download them in a couple of minutes.

Note: We are continually updating our paper bank monthly by adding new papers from all around Sri Lanka. Teachers and students can contribute to our paper bank by sending their school term test papers. Contact us for more information.