Programming for Kids

This “Programming for Kids” session will be conducted by an experienced teacher with a good programming background. Currently, she is working as a Software Engineer in a leading software company. Apart from her 9 -5 job, she enjoys teaching ICT for kids to overcome the difficulties they face. She conducts classes for students in grades 6 to 9.

Join the first day to learn about the complete course and the program. This is a special course during the Covid-19 lockdown situation in Sri Lanka. Students will only need a good internet connection to join the classes. Students can do the practicals using their mobile phones, laptops, or desktop computer. We always try to leverage our course to give access to most of the students.

programming for kids by teshani kumarasinghe 1

මේ “Programming for Kids” වැඩසටහන හා සම්බන්ධ වීමට සියලුම දරුවන් පහත form එක නිවැරදිව පුරවන්න.