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Search Engines

search engines
Search Engines

There is a large number of websites on the Internet. Therefore, it is difficult to remember the URLs of each website. The search engines help us to find webpages and websites according to our search keywords. When we enter a keyword on a search engine, it scans thousands of websites within a few seconds. The most popular search engines are Google, Bing, Yahoo, and Ask.

What is a Search Engine?

Search Engines are web-based software which locates information on the World Wide Web and generate results according to a search keyword or query.

How to use search engine

Let’s learn how to use a search engine on the internet.

  1. Open a web browser on your computer.
  2. Type search engine web address in the address bar. The following list shows the addresses of popular search engines.
    • –
  3. Choose the search terms and keywords carefully and enter it on the search box that appears on the search engine. In the next section, we will learn how to find effective search keywords.
  4. Click on the search button.
  5. Then it will appear a large number of websites with hyperlinks. All the results are relevant to your search terms.
  6. Then you can click on those websites and find the information that you required.

There is a graphical demonstration on Google Search on

Tips for making Search Results more effective.

The following short tips can be used to make your search more effective:

Use keywords and do not use complete sentences or question. Let us see how a complete sentence optimize for a search term.

Complete SentenceBetter search results optimize it to
I need the history of Sri LankaHistory of Sri Lanka
What are the Covid-19 symtoms?Covid-19 Symptoms
How to decorate my room?Room Decorations, Room Deco
Search term optimization

If you were unable to find the required information, then change the search keywords in a different way. This may happen due to some web pages contains some irrelevant information and use keywords on their websites just only to get traffic for a website. Web traffic is the amount of data usage of a website visitor like us.

When you need to search two words together then use inverted commas (“ ”). Otherwise search engine looking for each single word in your search term. In the following image shows how the results are shown for the term digital photography. The search terms are highlighted with bold on each website details. If we use the term inside inverted commas like “digital photography” then the will not appear on the first page as it has two words on two separate places.

search results
Search Results for Digital Photography

Remove unnecessary words like how, in, as, to. We called them as buzz words and those words does not affect to the meaning of the search time directly. Therefore, you can change following search term accordingly.

names of museums in Oxford -> Oxford Museums

When you want to use more than one main word then connect the words using ‘+’ like “beautiful places + Sri Lanka”

When you are looking for images, video, or map, then select relevant tab to optimize your search furthermore. In google search engine you can optimize your search according to images, Maps, Videos, News, Books and Finance as shown in the following picture.

optimize the search
Search for images, Maps, videos and news

Browsing History

Search engines save recently used web addresses. These websites can be accessed using the ‘History’ on your web browser. Click on the menu to view the browsing history to simply press Ctrl + H shortcut. Now, most of the web browsers keep browsing history forever. You can clear the browsing data from a web browser. If you access your personal account using other computers then it is advisable to clear the browsing data the time you use it like the last 1 hour.

search history
View browsing history

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