grade 6 ict notes use internet and computer safely

Let us use the Computer & Internet Safely!

In our lives, Computers and computer networks are an essential part. There are more than 3 billion people connect to the internet daily basis from their mobile phones, laptops, and computers. With this, there is a huge increase in cybercrime in the world. People who use the internet rarely are the main victims of these cyber crimes as they do not have a proper understanding of the safety tips and precautions while using computers and internet safely.
Let us discuss several tips that can be used by yourself to protect you from cybercrimes.

Control Access

With this primary method, we can effectively protect our devices. There are two types of access control methods as physical and logical. For physical methods, we can use CCTV, Door Locks and not giving access to unknown people to the computers.

physical access control methods
Physical Access Control Methods

Let us learn about logical security methods as it is the most crucial as we discuss the safe with the internet.

Safe computing with username and password

grade 6 ict notes
Username and password

To control the access, we can use a password for our user account on the computer. Then the files and folder that you created on the computer can access only using your account. Therefore, you are given a separate user account while using the computer lab at your school.
Let us create a local user account on your Windows 10 computer.

create new user account on windows 10
Create new user account on Windows 10

There are two types of user accounts as Standard, Administrator. When you create a new account, it is automatically set as Standard account.

Use different user accounts

use different user accounts
Use different user accounts

When more than one person using the computer, we can create a separate user account for each user. There are two types of computer users can be identified on Windows OS as Standard and Administrator user. Administrator user has all the privileges. But it is risky to use an administrator account for your works even only you use the computer. It is advisable to use Standard account and avoid using an Administrator account.

  • Always set up all accounts with a good password (Use Letters, numbers, special symbols with a minimum of 8 characters)
  • Do not keep the password empty.
  • Always set up all accounts with a good password (Use Letters, numbers, special symbols with a minimum of 8 characters)
  • Do not keep the password empty.
  • Remove or disable all guest and other accounts you do not use
  • Do not share your passwords with other users. If mistakenly you share it, you can change the password. It is advisable to change a password every three months.

Protect Computer Data

When your data is revealed to unknown people you are vulnerable to cybercrimes. Do not share your personal information with unknown parties, store and dispose of data securely, and maintain appropriate security on your computers and other electronic devices.
Let us discuss actions that can be taken to protect your data and information on your computer.

Use anti-virus software

anti virus software
Famous Anti-Virus Software

Computer viruses are special kind of software which are harmful, and it will change, delete, or damage the data in files stored on a computer system. Antivirus software should be kept up to date and used regularly to scan a computer system to remove any viruses. It should also be used to scan for viruses any files that are leaving or entering your computer to try and prevent the spread of viruses.

Backup early and often

The single most important step in protecting your data from loss is to back it up regularly. It is important to store a copy of your backup off-site in case of fire, floods, or another natural disaster that can destroy your backup tapes or discs along with the original data.
Today we can store our data on cloud storage like Google Drive, Dropbox, OneDrive. Those are more convenient as we can purchase as much as storage and it is relatively cheap. The only drawback of cloud storages is the requirement of internet facility.

Use file-level security.

To keep others out of your data, the first step is to set permissions on the data files and folders. User can set permissions for user accounts and the user can allow or deny various levels of access from read-only to full control.

Password Projected Document

Many productivity applications, such as Microsoft Office applications and Adobe Acrobat, will allow the user to set passwords on individual documents. To open the document, you must enter the password. You can require a password to open the file and/or to make changes to it.

A password should be:

  • Something that only you know.
  • Not shared with anyone, do not tell it to a friend or let them use it.
  • Not be easy to guess, e.g. your pet or best friend’s name, or even a word at all.
  • Can be remembered easily but be complicated enough not to be worked out; it is recommended that a password be a mixture of letters in upper and lower case and include digits, preferably at random.

Guidance of Trusted Mentors

There have been reports of children becoming victims of various crimes committed by some Internet users. Children are vulnerable to threats by organized wrongdoers. Therefore, it is always safe if they are monitored by trusted adults when using the Internet. Children must be advised to make parents and guardians aware of those with whom they keep relationships over the Internet. Also, any possible threat must be reported to the relevant authority for necessary action.

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