Grade 10 ICT 3 Term Paper

01. Give short and exact answers.

(i) Select only the information from the following and write the labels   of them.

(A) Annual rainfall values of the previous fifty years in Sri Lanka.
(B) Annual rainfall of Sri Lanka in the year 2018
(C) It rains to Sri Lanka.
(D) Monthly sales values of a shop for previous 12 months.
(E) Assessment result report of a student.

(ii) Give three specific advantages for a customer of online shopping.
(iii) Name the generation of the computer in the computer evolution which uses the Key Board and the Mouse.
(iv) Consider the table given below containing the devices that gives computer hard copies and match appropriately from the items in the first column with the items in the second column and write only the pairs of labels in your answer sheet.

Data table 1

(v) Name the most appropriate guided media for the following occasions.

(a) Connecting computers of a local area network inside a room.
(b) CCTV Cables
(c) Modern telecommunication cables
(d) Short distance data transmission across an area with electromagnetic interference.

(vi) If the sky blue colour is made by mixing Red, Green and Blue colours 50, 153 and 204 respectively (#RGB) represent the sky blue colour using hexadecimal digits.

(vii) Draw the truth table to show all possible outputs ‘D’ of the inputs A, B and C in the integrated circuit given below.

logic gate ic example

(viii) Some operating system requires disk defragmentation and some are not required. Do you agree to this statement? Give reasons for your answers.

(ix) Write the steps of using thesaurus in a word processing software.
(x) Given below is a part of a spreadsheet which has been used to analyze the marks of students.(Analyze marks of one student has been taken using a formula and it has been copied using fill handle) Write the formula using a function which can be used to get the average of Suraj as given in the spreadsheet.

data table

02. A sketch of an automated water system of a green house is given below. Answer the questions about it

A and B are a moisture sensor and a temperature sensor respectively and C is a manual switch. Signals are given to the water supply system from the Logic circuit according to the input signals from the A, B and C sensors to open the water supply outlet to the field. (If the output signal from the logic circuit = 1, it opens the water outlet and if it is zero it does not open the water supply.(Moist soil = 1, high temperature=1, Manual switch open (on)=1)

logic diagram

Water supply should be activated only if the soil is less moist (dry) and high temperature or manual switch is opened (on)

(i) Complete the table given below to show the relationship between all possible inputs and outputs of the above logic circuit in the water system.

truth table

(ii) Draw a logic circuit to get the output of above part (i)
(iii) State the Boolean logic expression of the output for the above logic circuit in terms of inputs.

03. A word processing document is given below. Answer the given questions considering the documentms word example

(i) Write four tools which have been used to format the title shown in the label A.
(ii) What are the tools used to format or create the things displayed in B, C, D and E?
(iii) If the above document has been created using the concept of cloud computing, write two advantages of it.
(iv) Write two word processing software, which are used to create word processing documents by using the cloud computing concept.

04. Answer Following Questions

(i) Name three types of primary memory and state the basic function of each part.
(ii) A diagram of computer ports is given below.
Name the ports labeled as A, B, C, D, E and F
and mention one device for each of the ports that
can connected.

computer ports with labled


(iii) What is the type of computer network, created by connecting all divisional secretariat offices in Sri Lanka




05. Sayuri is a residential student and she notes down the details of her receipt and payment in a
spreadsheet. The spreadsheet of her receipts and payments of this term is given below.



ms excel table


(i)    State the formula that should be in F4 cell to calculate her total expenses of May, using the cell references only.
(ii)    What is the function that should be in F8 cell to calculate the maximum total expenses in the second term?
(iii)    Write the formula that should be in F9 cell to find the total cash receipts of this term by using the functions.
(iv)    What is the formula that should be in F10 cell to calculate the cash in hand at the end of the term?
(v)    What is the formula that should be in F11 cell to find the percentage of the cach in hand from the total cash receipts?
(Percentage of cash in hand = (cash in hand/ Total cash receipts*100)

06. Answer Following

(i) State the 8GB capacity in bits. (Give the answers in the power of two)
(ii) Convert 45 into hexadecimal equivalent. Stops should be stated.
(iii) State the BCD equivalent for the number 954.
(iv) Price of a bag is Rs. 425 and price of a basket is Rs. 250.

(a) State the price of the bag in binary number system.

(b) State the price of the basket in hexadecimal number system.

(c) State the total cost of purchasing the bag and a basket in the octal number system.


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